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Bilingual therapy

with a British psychotherapist



Alice Rossetter is a bilingual psychotherapist based in Buenos Aires.  She offers problem-focussed therapy for individuals (both adults and teenagers) and couples, specialising in cultural adaptation for ex-pats and immigrants, sexuality and gender issues, anxiety and depression.


A native English speaker, Alice is also fluent in Spanish.  She grew up in the UK, relocating several times for her parents’ work, and later her own. She has travelled extensively in Europe and the Americas, settling in Argentina in 2011. In Buenos Aires, Alice had worked as an English teacher and therapeutic companion, as well as lecturing at the University of Belgrano.


Alice gained a bachelor’s degree in Visual Culture and a master’s degree in Information Systems from the University of Brighton before joining the UK Civil Service, working in the heart of Government in the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Defence. She later became a consultant, advising on major initiatives and change programmes.


It was whilst working as a consultant, witnessing and experiencing for herself the impact of high pressure jobs and busy lives in the modern world, that Alice became interested in psychology.  Seeking a change of career, she was determined to help people to achieve their potential whilst looking after their mental health and well-being.

Having received her Licenciatura en Psicología from the Universidad de Belgrano she went on the specialize in problem-focussed psychotherapy obtaining a post graduate qualification from the Centro Privado de Psicoterapias and a post graduate diploma in psychological evaluation.  Her personal and professional history coupled with these new skills make for a unique combination allowing her to find new and creative ways to connect and work with people.  


Problem-focused therapy


  • Adults and teenagers

  • Sexuality and gender

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Coping with change

  • Couples Therapy

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